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Bonebed Rockaway Sequence Bonebed Rockaway Sequence Bonebed Rockaway Sequence

Bonebed Rockaway Sequence

“In Genna Watson’s lexicon of imagery, common objects such as bottles, kitchen tools and eye glasses imaginatively mediate between the physical and psychological realms.

The individual sculptural elements of her idiosyncratic installation, strong and visually stunning are open to many interpretations – none of which the artist curtails or favors. “

“ In the end, what we have is not a destructive but a creative dream, embodied in this unlikely combination of objects. “

“These reversals occur continually in Waston’s work. A sled dense-packed with bone handled utensils may initially suggest “Rosebud” and Citizen Kane, but in the end seems more a contemporary fossil pit, the psychic trashbin of our culture, than an homage to the silver screen’s presentation of a fictional figure’s seminal memory.”

Quotes excerpted from catalog essay by Lee Fleming for Instrasctructures, 1992.

 Instrastructures catalog @copyright 1992 Nova Pharmaceutical Corporation.