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Unforeseen Factor Unforeseen Factor Mixed Media Sculpture by Genna Watson

Unforeseen Factor

Artist Statement for Visual Arts 3 Traveling Exhibit

photo credit: Paul Feinberg

photo credit: Paul Feinberg

After making my art for a number of years, it is like a metaphysical addition to my world. Something like the owner of a house feels upon realizing one day that there is this mysterious wing added on: She can’t quiet put her finger on the exact time the expansion took place. My art has been an inner expansion and exploration. We exist on a certain plane – a certain dimension. Occurrences, memories, thoughts, half realized experiences and emotions are eventually covered over to be held within us. We are layered upon layered, both physically and emotionally. An infinity exists within each of us that usually reveals itself only at night through dreaming.

For me, my sculpture taps part of what I call a subconscious flow. Images and thoughts are revealed through the making of the sculpture. It is a reflection of all I’ve gathered in through my life to rearrange and build into an endlessly complex inner structure. Wonder, beauty and pain are all in my work. My art is highly personal, but I feel that it is applicable to all persons and what they contain.

I feel that by showing my work, I am taking down all of my defenses to reveal very vulnerable parts of myself. Like exposing unprotected nerves for people to touch. A number of people choose to see nothing but negative elements about my work. Perhaps that is a reflection on what’s inside them.

 Excerpted  from The Awards in the Visual Arts 3 catalog

Unforseen Factor is in the permanent collection of the Loch Haven Art Center